Caution is Key with Cryptocurrency

Michael Best Senior Counsel Cheryl Aaron was featured in an article by Wisconsin Law Journal article titled, "Caution is Key with Cryptocurrency," and explored the big picture issues surrounding digital currencies. “Cryptocurrency is an emerging technology, so the law hasn’t quite caught up with it yet. In the U.S., states have no single set of rules governing … Continue reading Caution is Key with Cryptocurrency

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Launches Fintech Regulatory Sandbox

The CFPB has launched a fintech regulatory sandbox which will help fintech companies and firms develop and test new products and services, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Today’s Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Daily Clips highlight: "In an official announcement, the bureau said that the innovation office has been established to focus on encouraging consumer-friendly innovation. It will focus on … Continue reading U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Launches Fintech Regulatory Sandbox

U.S. Health Care Companies & Blockchain Technology

Fact: The U.S. health care industry has an abundance of confidential patient information. Boston's medical offices alone use nearly two dozen different systems for filing and storing electronic health records. Yet, could we see a shift in the management and handling of health care data? Today’s Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Daily Clips highlight: "In addition to the major pharmaceutical … Continue reading U.S. Health Care Companies & Blockchain Technology

Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement: The J5

The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) launched an international coalition to investigate transnational cryptocurrency tax crime and money laundering. The J5 is comprised of the government agencies from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, as well as the IRS. The J5 states: "We are convinced that offshore structures and financial instruments, where used to commit tax … Continue reading Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement: The J5

Facebook Reverses Ban on Cryptocurrency Advertisements

As of yesterday, June 27, Facebook will allow some ads that promote cryptocurrencies and related content. In light of Facebook's recent decision, could we see snowball policy discussions and decisions from Google, Twitter, and other social networks allowing cryptocurrency advertisements and backing?  What are the limitations to these promotions? Facebook Cryptocurrency Ads Addendum (June 27, 2018) … Continue reading Facebook Reverses Ban on Cryptocurrency Advertisements

Blockchain Could Revolutionize Academic Publishing

Could blockchain technology offer an opportunity to address key issues in the academic publishing system? Today's Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Daily Clips highlight: Orvium Co-founder and Application and Cloud Technology Expert Roberto Rabasco writes for The Hill: "The modern world has a rich and varied tradition of scientists contributing to research and learning free from restriction. Yet … Continue reading Blockchain Could Revolutionize Academic Publishing

Missed Our Webinar?

Last week, Michael Best Blockchain and Litigation Attorneys Evan Strassberg and Steven Joffee hosted a complementary webinar and discussed the actions regulatory bodies are taking and could be taking against cryptocurrency issuers and traders. They also provided an overview of private litigation, particularly putative class actions against companies that have conducted ICOs. Access Michael Best's … Continue reading Missed Our Webinar?