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Sales of Digital Tokens & ICOs – Securities, Litigation, and Tax Concerns

Join Michael Best Cryptocurrency and Securities attorneys for a complimentary one-hour live webinar from 12:00 – 1:00 PM CST on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

2018 was (and 2019 continues to be) a challenging time for parties engaged in sale of digital tokens and conducting initial coin offerings and other cryptocurrency offerings (collectively ICOs). The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made it clear that the SEC’s approach to compliance with securities laws with respect to ICOs would be to apply the law broadly and take quick action against those who fail to properly comply. With scores of subpoenas issued and actions already filed by the SEC, IRS, state securities divisions, FINRA, plaintiffs’ attorneys and others, it is clear that strict compliance with securities laws is essential.

In this webinar, attorneys Brad Jacobsen, Sam Johnston, Evan Strassberg, and Betsy Voter will review the securities laws applicable to ICOs, covering everything from exempt private offerings to registered public offerings, and additionally, discuss actions the SEC, IRS, FINRA, plaintiffs’ attorneys and others are taking against ICO issuers and those that trade in digital tokens. The panel will also discuss the tax implications of different types of “coins” a company may issue.

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