Caution is Key with Cryptocurrency

Michael Best Senior Counsel Cheryl Aaron was featured in an article by Wisconsin Law Journal article titled, "Caution is Key with Cryptocurrency," and explored the big picture issues surrounding digital currencies. “Cryptocurrency is an emerging technology, so the law hasn’t quite caught up with it yet. In the U.S., states have no single set of rules governing … Continue reading Caution is Key with Cryptocurrency

#BlockLegalTech 2018 – Blockchain Tech is Legal Tech

From cryptocurrency, to Web 4.0, to an interactive, decentralized worldwide network of all things, people and systems, distributed ledger technology (DLT) is the hot-tech, paradigm shift de jour. DLT technology transcends cryptocurrency and promises to impact a wide range of industries beyond finance. As several states advance legislative efforts to uphold the legal integrity of … Continue reading #BlockLegalTech 2018 – Blockchain Tech is Legal Tech

The Rumors of the Lawyer’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (for now)

The buzz of bitcoin hitting a high over $19000 USD this year brought cryptocurrency to the mainstream. People have may have previously heard of bitcoin or maybe even blockchain. However, it may not be clear to the casual observer what differentiates bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or blockchain technology. Part of what may have been overshadowed in the … Continue reading The Rumors of the Lawyer’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (for now)