One Blockchain Trademark Ledger to Rule Them All!

Tony Biller, Managing Partner of Michael Best’s Raleigh office, explores how blockchain technology could enhance the current state of intellectual property asset registries in his recent article One Blockchain Trademark Ledger to Rule Them All! which appeared in the firm’s Best Trademark Blog.

Tony writes:

“Blockchain disrupts central brokers whose primary function in transactions has been security, trust and verifiability, e.g. banks, treasuries and stock registries.” Tony explains, “A trademark blockchain registry could securely and permanently record when and where brand goods have been manufactured, distributed, marketed and sold. This would create a permanent record of trademark use.” . . . “Because blockchain is transparent, the data regarding mark usage would be public so long as the information in the ledger is not restricted from public viewing. The ledger could provide the same public notice function as the current federal trademark registry, and in fact could provide advance warnings of impending trademark conflict.”

Additionally, Tony presents four common pitfalls and identifies how such a blockchain trademark registry in place could provide solutions.

Click here to read the full article.

The authors of the Best Trademark Blog write:

“This Blog will provide the “Best” updates and timely information on legal developments and issues related to trademarks and false advertising. As authors, we will provide guidance and analyses to help individuals and businesses maintain awareness of trademark and false advertising opinions—as well as decisions by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, U.S. & Foreign Customs Offices, Federal Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court, among others.”

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