U.S. Health Care Companies & Blockchain Technology

Fact: The U.S. health care industry has an abundance of confidential patient information. Boston’s medical offices alone use nearly two dozen different systems for filing and storing electronic health records. Yet, could we see a shift in the management and handling of health care data?

Today’s Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Daily Clips highlight:

“In addition to the major pharmaceutical companies’ supply-tracking experiment, other major U.S. health-care companies are beginning to explore blockchain technology. In early 2018, five of the country’s largest health-care companies started using a blockchain system to collect data on health-care providers’ demographics. What’s most striking about this collaboration – including a medical claim processor and a national medical testing lab – is that it includes major health insurers that directly compete against each other: Humana and the UnitedHealth Group.”

Can blockchain systems offer security for the storage of health care patients private information? Read how and why two major competing health care insurers are starting to use blockchain systems.

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