The Disruption Report

The Canfield Press, formed and owned by Michael Best Strategies Partner Anne Canfield, offers the June 2018 edition of The Disruption Report. This specialized publication focuses on the disruptive impact that technological innovations are having on a variety of industry sectors.

The June issue of The Disruption Report takes a deep dive into blockchain technology – “the fourth wave of disruptive change in the digital era.” After a brief look at how this technology records transactions, the issue examines a wide variety of blockchain pilot projects and an “in production” project that is ensuring our food safety.

Click here to read the June 2018 Issue of the Disruption Report.

This issue also takes a closer look at how technology is transforming – slowly but surely – the mortgage lending process. Ultimately, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will likely emerge as the hosts of blockchain hosting services, completing the GSEs’ evolution into information utilities.  Finally, this issue delves into how a variety of technologies, including blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and metadata, will transform the internet into web 3.0.

To visit the Canfield Press website and receive the next edition of The Disruption Report, click here.


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